Depression Resources

On Campus Resources

Student Health Services

SHS is a great place to start to learn more about depression and start the process of getting help.  All services are confidential, and appointments can be made for Monday – Friday. Initial counseling appointments must be made via phone, but subsequent appointments may be made through the SHS online portal.  See for pamphlets, insurance information, counselor biographies, and more.  The first 9 counseling sessions are free and subsequent visits (limited to 15 each school year) will have a copay as determined by the student’s insurance company.

Off Campus and Online Resources

Anxiety and Depression Association of America

Website has information on different types of anxiety disorders, depression, and related disorders, as well as resources for getting help and managing these issues.  Also has tools for finding therapists and support groups in a particular area.

National Institute of Mental Health

Website answers a variety of common questions about depression in college students, signs, diagnosis, treatment options, helping a friend, and more.

For more information on depression from SHS, please visit