Counseling at Habif

What is counseling?

Students deal with a lot of difficult issues during their four years of college.  It is quite normal to feel like something is too difficult to handle, to wish you had someone to talk to, or to feel confused about or worried about yourself or things you experience.  While Uncle Joe’s is available 24/7 to work with students as needed, Habif Mental Health Services staff members are able to work with students on an ongoing basis for recurring or more long-term issues.

Students who come to counseling may:

  • Wonder whether they can handle what they are doing
  • Have trouble getting along with people in their family
  • Have strong feelings, such as depression or anxiety, that keep them from doing what they need to do
  • Feel isolated or alienated, wanting to belong
  • Need to learn how to do their work more effectively
  • Have trouble finding or getting along with a partner
  • Struggle with the loss of someone or something
  • Wonder where they are heading in life
  • Worry about how they eat
  • Question or need to explore their sexual or cultural identity
  • Feel stuck or split about making a decision

Both individual and group counseling is available through Habif, as is counseling for couples.  Habif also gives out referrals to counseling and other mental health care providers off campus.


Every student is given 9 (1 intake appointment and 8 standard appointments) free counseling visits each school year.  Subsequent visits (limited to 15 each school year) will have a copay as determined by the student’s insurance company, may require pre-certification, and will be billed to the student’s insurance company (ex. $10 co-pay for those with WashU insurance)

Making an appointment

The first step to seeking mental health services is a brief, confidential phone conversation with a Mental Health Services staff member. The purpose of this conversation is to clarify and assess your needs, and explore options for next steps. Most phone appointments are scheduled for the same day (or the next day if the request occurs late in the day). The phone conversation will last about 10 minutes and can be scheduled online.

The first mental health appointment is an “intake” appointment where you discuss your concerns with a counselor and explore options for what steps to take next.  Your counselor will help you connect with ongoing support on- or off-campus.

After the first appointment, you can schedule your visits online or by phone at (314) 935-6666, option 2.

For more information about scheduling an appoitment at Habif, visit For more information about Habif Mental Health Services more generally, visit